Almoner Update

See below for the report on several of our members . . . .

17 November 2021

Alan Overton – discharged home, now feeling a lot better.

Arthur Ashcroft – now back to his normal self

Jak Logan – making progress

Ernie Pope – making progress
(This will be the last report on these members)

6 November 2021

Alan Overton

Alan was admitted to Denia Hospital with breathing difficulties a couple of days ago. After treatment, his condition has improved and when I phoned him this morning Alan said that he was feeling much better already but he is not sure when he will be discharged home.

Arthur Ashcroft

Following a night in Denia Hospital on Thursday with high blood pressure Arthur has been discharged home. He told me yesterday that he was feeling a lot better thanks to the medication and Eileen’s good care.

Jak Logan

Jak had knee replacement surgery in Denia Hospital yesterday, and when I spoke with Ron this morning he said that the operation was successful and Jak will be having intensive physio very soon.

Ernie Pope

Ernie had a successful hip replacement operation a week ago in one of the Benidorm hospitals. He is now home, walking around with crutches and making good progress.

We send our best wishes to them all.

June 2021
Well this current situation is still not doing us any favours, and it is difficult to keep in touch with members who are not visiting the club as often during the COVID-19 crisis and as a result of BREXT restrictions.
Please let me know if you have concerns for any member who doesn’t visit the club regularly.

I will continue to give updates about members when I have their permission.


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