Almoner Update


17-11-22. Steve is doing extremely well. He and Pat hope to pop in to the Club on Friday morning.
13-11-22. Steve has made good progress, and he should be discharged home on Monday to continue his recovery.
10-11-22. He had his cardiac surgery yesterday and is now recovering in ICU at Elche Hospital. Pat is staying with him in the hospital.

9-11-22. I have received news from Ian after his recent hospital referral, and it is slightly better than he originally thought. He says . . . .
“The urologist identified a larger than usual kidney stone, which will need to be removed together with the right kidney.  Surgery will be later this month and I expect to be in hospital for about four days”.

Ian and Audrey thank BBC members for their good wishes and support, and we in turn wish him a speedy recovery from the operation.


1 February 2022
Well the current situation is improving, but it is still difficult to keep in touch with members who have not visited the club as often during the COVID-19 crisis and as a result of BREXT restrictions.
Please let me know if you have concerns for any member who doesn’t visit the club regularly.

I will continue to give updates about members when I have their permission.


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