Almoner Update 3 Aug

3 Aug 2020 Alan Overton

After a recent bout of pneumonia I was glad to hear that Alan has recovered, and he tells me that he plans to come back on club day mornings.

3 Aug 2020 Harry Winfield

Harry continues his efforts towards recovery following his stroke approximately two weeks ago. Unfortunately he has had several re-admissions into hospital and Brenda is currently waiting for an update from his doctor when she visits today.

Our thoughts and good wishes are with Harry to maintain progress, and for Brenda too.

3 Aug 2020 John Avey

Lynne has informed me that John is OK, but his appointment for further spinal injections will not be until 10 September; he has longer to wait than was anticipated.

3 Aug 2020 Phil Davies
Phil is managing to cope reasonably well and is looking forward to his daughter’s visit later this week. Arthur is in regular contact with him.

(20 July 2020. Phil has had a fall recently resulting in a fractured forearm which is now in plaster. He was in quite good spirits when I visited him  today and he has a neighbour who keeps an eye out and who helps with shopping for his food.)


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