Angel Poveda Open Mixed Triples – 5th & 6th November 2020

Angel Poveda Classic 2020 – Guidance Notes & Protocols

· The Angel Poveda Mixed Triples Open will this year be limited to a maximum of 60 competitors. 20 teams, in groups of 4, will each day play, three games of 3 wood mixed triples, comprising of 8 ends.

· Each session will be timed to last no more than 1hr, 15 mins (on the bell) with a 10 minute break between each session to allow all areas / equipment, to be sanitised.

· Starting times will be staggered with 10 teams commencing play at 09:30 hrs (from the scoreboard end) and the remaining 10 teams starting at 11:00 hrs (from the opposite end).

· Competitors are requested to arrive and “check in” at least 20 minutes prior to their respective start times. A full schedule and timings will be posted on the Notice Board.

· The Clubhouse will be open from 09:00 hours, providing the usual snacks & refreshments throughout the day. Please note when using the toilet facilities, a maximum of three ladies may access the facilities at any one time, with the men restricted to a maximum of two.

· All participants to sanitise their hands on arrival at the entrance to the Club.

· Face masks must be worn in all areas of the club, with the following exceptions i.e. when playing on the green and when eating and drinking whilst seated at a table.

· Face masks must also be worn when walking to and from the green or when leaving the area of play for any other reason.

· Remember, no more than three people allowed at the bar, at any one time, maintaining a social distance of at least 1.5 metres, whilst wearing a face mask.

· To ensure social distancing is maintained and to maintain as safe an environment as possible for everyone, teams ending their session are asked to remain at the end of the green, until the teams for the following session have left the open terrace seated area and made their way to the opposite end of the green, to commence their game.

· The open terrace seating and tables will then be cleaned and sanitised, as will all mats, jacks & bowl pushers.

· Once this process is completed, the teams who have just finished playing can then move to the open terrace area & Clubhouse

· This same process will be repeated between each session throughout the day and although a little time consuming, it is essential to keep the two groups socially distanced and safe.

· Sanitiser will be provided at the end of each rink for use during the game.

· Each team Lead will be provided with their own coloured mat and jack, located at the end of each rink i.e. Blue mat & white jack (Home / Blue team) and Yellow mat & yellow jack (Away / Red Team)

· Touchers should only be marked using spray chalk or a chalk pen

· Players removing bowls / jacks from ditch during game should sanitise hands

· Measuring to be undertaken by one member of each team, sanitising hands before & after.

· Ditch markers – to be placed / removed by home (Blue) team only, sanitising hands before & after

· Bowl pushers / trolley’s to be used by the home (Blue) team for odd ends and away (Red) team for even ends, by pre-designated players on each rink e.g. Lead or No. 2.

· Scoreboards, if used, will be updated by the home (Blue) team only.

· Players must sanitise their hands on leaving the green.

Angel Poveda Classic 2020

Open Mixed Triples

Competition Rules

1 All games will be played under The Laws of the Sport of Bowls, Crystal Mark Third Edition unless varied below.

2 Dress code: All white to LLB rules or matching coloured team tops.

3 All games should consist of 8 ends of three wood triples. Play will commence on the sound of the bell. A warning bell will be sounded 5 mins prior to the end of the timed session. Only those ends where the jack is cast and centred before the warning bell, may be completed. The winner of the game will be awarded two points or one point to each team for a tied game.

4 Players in each team may change positions from one game to another but not during a game.

5 Should a substitution or replacement be required this will be allowed, at the discretion of the Controlling Body, and, once made, the team will remain in this form throughout the remainder of the competition. To avoid any possible confusion a replacement MAY skip but a substitute MAY NOT.

6 There will be no dead ends. If a jack goes out of play, once the end has started, it will be re-spotted on the centre 2 metre mark, or as close as possible thereto, on the mat side, if the mark is occupied by a bowl.

7 There will be no trial ends and only one shot will count on the first end of every game, thereafter normal scoring will apply.

8 Head visits are NOT allowed. Skips remaining at the head whilst the other skip bowls will constitute a head visit.

9 “No shows” or late arrivals, i.e. more than 5 minutes after the scheduled start time of the game, will result in the game being awarded to the opposing team with a score of 12 shots to 6, as will a bye.

10 On the second day, in the event of a draw in a game, the team winning the first end will be deemed the winner for scheduling purposes only.

11 The team scoring the highest number of points overall will be the winner of the competition. In the event of a tie on points the team with the highest shot difference will be the winner. If still tied, the winner will be decided by the result of any match already played between those two teams and failing this will be decided on shot average, i.e. shots for divided by shots against. These procedures will be followed to ascertain runners-up and also the positions in each group after day 1.

12 Play will commence from the “scoreboard end” for the first session each day and then alternate ends for each following session.

13 The Controlling Body, who retain the right to amend these rules as necessary, will consist of the Club Captain, Vice-Captain, Match Secretary, Competition Secretary, Bowls Director and Duty Umpire, any two of whom will constitute a quorum.

As always, on the green, an Umpires decision will be final and the Controlling Body will have the final decision on any other matters of dispute

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