Monday the 9th we were away to our old rivals Javea Green Quartz.skipped by Joe Schulein, the ‘elbows’ and greetings over and a hopeful repeat result of our last outing against Finca Guila.

As any football fan knows there are three phases in spectating your team (especially if you follow the Cherries – AFC Bournemouth)they are as follows:-

  1. Looks good
  2. Blimey!! We are 1 nil up
  3. Come on ‘ref’ for G……s sake blow the bl…….y whistle to finish the game

(20 minutes to go).

Watching our Lions yesterday was flash back time to the Vitality Stadium watching the Cherries.

  1. 6 ends a check across the boards showed Lions up on 3 rinks and only one shot down on the 4th.
  2. On the 12th end, up on all rinks at this point was something special in the offing?
  3. Where is the bl…….dy whistle.

On rink 1 Jeff, Noel and Maurice already 15 – 5 up sealed their victory by picking up 7 more shots on the last 6 ends to finish up 22 – 15 winners.


On rink2 had Jacquie, Barbara and Rod 13 – 12 up on 12, in a tighter game of give and take, and take they did, picking up 8 shots on the last 6 ends resulting in a 21 – 15 victory.


Rink 4 Dudley, Maria and Jinty being the trio who were down on the 6th end, but came back and on the 12th were 11 – 6 up winning 3 more ends of the last 6 saw them come out 16 – 10 winners.


On rink 5 were the Lionesses, Lynda, Yvonne and Linda 11 – 6 on the 12 then a 6 pick up on the 13 with a further 5 shots on the last 5 ends saw them finish 22 – 8 up.


The Challengers with yours truly, Richard and Helen (yours truly and Helen covering Trevor and Janet who were away for a sons wedding) were 11 – 10 up on 12 and ten shots on the last 6 ends gave them a 21 – 13 victory.


A fantastic mornings bowling and result, can we repeat it next week against the Onyx?


Bonalba picked an 8 – 2 in their game against Calpe putting them on 115 points against our 109, they having two games left (both away) and with us only 1 (which is at home).  One of the Bonalba games is the cancelled one against El Cid, which, has to be playing within 14 days making the dead line next Monday.  This is causing a headache for the League co-ordinator as dates cannot be found and if they are not the game is scrubbed with a 2 point deduction for both teams.


The challenger League has us now on 26 points against Bonalbas 22, they having 2 games left to our 1 and one of the games is the cancelled El Cid, enough said!!!!


Lions you continue to amaze me, do so for one last game, a genuine well done for a fantastic 10 nil.  Captain Dave Roberts

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