BBC Lions V BBC Jaguars – 23rd January 2020

The Lions had an away game today to the Jaguars in conditions perfect for a good mornings bowling. Our friendly was abandoned half way through the game due to an injury replacement being required for the Jaguars allowing the rest of us to become spectators.

First thoughts checking the score boards, we are in for an 8 – 2 win here, but, this is a bowls green where you do not have numerous chickens running around waiting to be counted!!!!!

The Lionesses, Linda Richards, Yvonne Browne and Lynda Warnes were back on form with a great win and along with trio Dudley Davies, Maria Moraweic and Jinty Chamberlain (the latter recovered well after loosing the lead on the 14th end) gave us our 4 points.

Our other two trips of Jeff Richards, Noel Ovenall and Fely Croft, and Jacquie Roberts, Barbara Flynn and Rod Warnes lost their leads at crucial times during the last third in the games and unfortunately could not recover enough to give us the shot advantage.

Our challenger of Trevor Neale, Janet Neale and Richard Chamberlain had another successful mornings bowling. Taking the lead on the 4th end and not relinquishing it. A deserved well done, and we are still at the top with a 3 point cushion.

4 – 6/6 – 4 is getting a bit repetitive with us this season. 10 games have been played and out of 6 of them, to date, we have had 3 wins and 3 losses all totalling these points.

Let us try that bit harder, NO, let us keep concentrating up to the final end and not step of the gas and think we can cruise home. The plus side, our bowling overall is good and team spirit I believe is still there.

Tigers on Monday and then Bonalba away, where if it is another 6 – 4 let it be in our favour please.

A good effort well done all and too my friendlies Helen Ovenall and Rod Vodden, thank you for your understanding and giving up the game, just when we had their measure!!!!!

Captain Dave Roberts

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