Club Day Routine Amended

16th June 2020

CLUB DAY ROUTINE AMENDED  (an update by the Club Captain)

After a busy first session today we noticed a bottleneck with more members arriving than there are rinks available to play.
CANCELLED 27/6/20 – {As a result of this, you will need to book your attendance for club day bowls by phone in advance.}
On your arrival please check in with the Club Day Steward who will then allocate the rinks to be used; we hope this change to the procedure will avoid members making a wasted journey.

CANCELLED 27/6/20  – {PLEASE PHONE TERRY: 634 867 912 to book your club day session (no block bookings please!)}

Once again we will continue to review our club day routine, and hope to increase the number of members who can play as we return to the “New Normal”.

12th June 2020

FORMAT FOR CLUB DAY  (an update by the Club Captain)

Check in with Steward of the Day, 9.00am for 9.30 start.
No shower or wine so no money involved!
Rinks to be allocated pairs or singles only, by the steward of the day (subject to a review)
Four rinks to be used with one empty rink between each
One person to place mat using two sanitised mats
Two jacks to be used and each placed by opposite leads
No score boards or trolleys to be used
Steward to provide score cards, with names, to each rink
Mats and jacks should be sanitised before being put back in the cupboard

A maximum of 14 ends will be played, and any rink wishing to finish early may do so by agreement as there are no final scores to be taken into account for a ‘Shower, or ‘Wine’ competition.

There are only places for a maximum of 16 people at the moment, so depending on numbers it may be necessary for some people to play half a game.


Everyone is responsible for themselves, we are all adults.
The Board and Bowls Committee have done everything they can to ensure that the club and greens are safe places for us all to be in.
It is UP TO EVERY ONE of us to take care of ourselves, but also to be aware of our fellow members.

Social distancing MUST be maintained at all times, if another person comes too close then either move away or ask them to keep their distance.
Use your own sanitizer gel whenever necessary
Use your own mask whenever necessary
Take plenty of water
Remember that we have not played for three months and the weather is getting hotter, so if you need to come off the rink early then please end your game and stay safe!

Let’s not try to run before we can walk, and most of us have trouble doing that anyway!

10th June 2020

CLUB House Phone
The phone 966 493 151 will revert to being the clubhouse phone with effect from 5pm on Thursday 11th June after which no further rink bookings will be accepted.

9th June 2020
An Update  from our Acting Club Captain

Well, we have had our first full week of bowling and all seems to have gone well; we are fully booked until Fri 12th June which has 3 rinks booked as pairs, and a fourth rink booked for singles.

(10/6/20) We also have no vacancies for Sunday 14th June, and as previously mentioned we said we would review the situation at regular intervals and we have now decided to re-open normal club days with effect from Tuesday 16th June subject to Benitachell moving to Phase 3 of the de-escalation.
Please do not ring the clubhouse phone for any booking after Sunday 14th June.

Club Day Starts Again

From Tuesday 16th June 2020 normal club days will re-commence subject to Benitachell moving to Phase 3 of the de-escalation.
The number of rinks in use and numbers playing on a rink will still follow recommended advice.
Please arrive, as normal, before 9.30 and register with the Club Day Steward on the day.

There will be a safety brief before play begins, but please remember to keep a social distance and wear a mask if you feel it necessary. It is still your responsibility to keep yourselves safe and to stop the spread of COVID-19 virus.

Roll Ups

The rinks will now be available for roll ups outside of any current bookable sessions, club days and when the bar is closed.
Please make sure to put your name, date and rink used in the Roll Up Book in the mats cupboard if you arrive when the club is closed. (This gives us traceability if anything should happen)


6th June 2020
More News from our Acting Club Captain

Rinks will continue to be bookable on Tue, Fri & Sun mornings whilst the clubhouse/bar is open; many members have expressed an interest in playing, and next Tuesday 9 June is already fully booked for the mornings.

Pairs Games
From Fri 12 June onwards rink bookings will be allowed for pairs games on each of the 4 rinks as well as singles or singletons. You will need to arrange your own foursome for pairs and give all the names when you make the booking.

On Sunday mornings only, from 14 June just 3 rinks will be available as Rink 8 has been allocated to the Club Coach for beginners and coaching. (please phone Trefor on his mobile)

Please continue to book (up to one week ahead) by phoning 966 493 151.

Remember that when playing, it is still important to comply with the instructions for Covid-19 hygiene and social distancing.

Make sure you bring hand sanitizer and masks; mats and jacks should be disinfected before and after use and clean your own equipment before you leave the club.


2nd June 2020
Benitachell has now entered Phase 2 of the de-escalation and the Local Police have finally given permission for the club to re-open for bowls practice.
To start with, rinks will only be open on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday mornings and to allow social distancing we will only use 4 rinks spaced apart.

To book a rink please phone 966 493 151 giving your name(s) and phone number. You may either practice as a singleton or play singles with another person. Rinks will be allocated in strict booking order.

Until we know the level of demand, and to ensure fair access for everyone wishing to participate, you will only be allowed to book once per week at the moment. We may move to playing pairs, this will be reviewed once the system is running smoothly and once members are familiar with the new ‘normal’.

Please follow all safety advice displayed at the club which includes:-
PLEASE use the hand sanitizer gel when you arrive and use a mask if you cannot keep a social distance.
Spray the mat and jack before use and when returning them to cupboard.
If no-one else is on the green, please lock the mats cupboard before leaving.
Don’t forget to clean your own bowls before/after use.
Toilets facilities are to be used by one person at a time, please follow the hygiene rules and make sure the area is clean before and after use.
There may be other measures that you wish to take for your own safety, this list shows the basic requirements.

The bar will also be open to all members for refreshments on the patio only

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