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Egham Bowls Club Visit

Wednesday 4th October 23 – 10am for 10.30 start.

On a hot and humid day the BBC home team all arrived on time. However there was an ‘incident’ with the Egham team coach which had diverted through Benitachell village and was unable to negotiate a very tight bend because of market day!

Forty five minutes late, Egham were warmly welcomed by the BBC team and needed refreshments before play began. We played on seven rinks of fours and each Egham visitor was presented with a BBC logo pen.

This was the last match Egham played before returning early on Thursday morning to the UK. There were some very close games on four rinks, BBC scored strongly on two rinks and Egham scored strongly on one.

Overall scores BBC 6, Egham 1 with a shot difference of 23 to BBC.

Afterwards everyone enjoyed soup, sandwiches and refreshments provided by Petra and her helpers and our club was presented with an Egham Visitors shield in memory of their visit.

A few photos below . . .

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