General Assembly Saturday 2nd May – POSTPONED


Saturday 2nd May 2020

The Meeting is Postponed due to Coronavirus

 Notice of Meeting & Electoral Calendar

The General Assembly for all members of the Club will be held at the Club House on the date shown above.  First call will be at 10.00a.m.

Eligibility.  All members are invited to attend.  However, only, Title Holders and Annual Bowling Members will have voting rights. In the case of Annual Bowling Members, they must have paid their 2020 subscription at the date of the meeting. Excluded from voting are: Annual Bowling Members still within their 6-month probationary period, Social Members, and Temporary Members (Swallows).  A list of Members eligible to attend with an indication of voting rights is displayed in the cabin.

Proposals for discussion at this meeting should be sent to the Secretary no later than noon on Saturday 21st March.  Any Proposal must be formally proposed and seconded by Members (and ideally be accompanied by a brief statement outlining the rationale behind the point for discussion).  Proposal Forms are available in the cabin and along with a second Notification email.

Nominations for election of Officers must be submitted, suitably proposed and seconded, no later than Saturday 21st March.  Nomination Forms are on display in the Cabin.  If at closing date only a single candidate is proposed for any position, this fact will be circulated to members by email, and a further 72 hours allowed for any alternative nomination.  After that extended period, an unopposed candidate will be elected at the meeting without formal ballot.

The Agenda for the meeting will be issued on or by Saturday 28th March, with accompanying documents, including details of proposals and nominations received.  The procedure and timetable for registering amendments to such proposals is 11th April 2020.

Proxy Voting Forms and Postal Voting Forms will be made available to members unable to attend the meeting.  These will be available in the cabin and via email by Saturday 18th April.

Formal Presentation to be made at the meeting by Officers will be pre-circulated by email on or before Saturday 25th April.

Janet Neale
Club Secretary
Some further information for the General Assembly meeting
Voting Rights – as mentioned, see the list in the casita at the Club.
Note that only Proposals can be formally voted upon at the meeting. Other
discussion items will be discussed under Any Other Business and voting
on these are ‘advisory’ only.
If you are unable to attend the meeting you can use a Postal Vote to
vote for Board members.   Proxy votes can be used for proposals.
Copies of the Minutes of the MAGM and THAGM will be circulated prior
to the meeting.
Proposal forms are available in the cabin and attached to this email.
Janet Neale
Club Secretary

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