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Guidance on the Green – Updated Notes

From the Bowls Director and Bowls Committee.

Covid-19: BBC Guidance for Bowlers & Bowling Protocols   16th  August 2020

Benitachell Bowls Club continues to fully support and follow the Spanish Government guidelines relating to COVID-19, including ensuring the health and safety of all of our members.

The physical and mental wellbeing of our membership is of paramount importance and the Board & Bowls Committee of BBC want to support those members who now wish to play and to do so safely and in accordance with Government guidance. We hope you all stay fit and healthy and that we all get through these challenging times by helping each other, wherever possible.

The extension of the ‘State of Alarm’ ended at 00:00 hrs on the 21st June, 2020. The New Normality in the Valencian Community, effective from 21st June, increased the maximum number of participants in open air non-contact sports to 30.

However, members should only play if they feel fit, well and can adhere to the guidance put in place. There is absolutely no urgency or pressure to return to the green. It is for each individual members to decide when the time is right for them to return and to err on the side of caution at all times.

This guidance note and bowling protocol for members is split into four sections and will be updated as and when legislative changes come into effect:

  1. General Guidance
  2. Guidance for Players
  3. Guidance for Bowling Activity
  4. Frequently Asked Questions

General Guidance

  Members must comply with all Government regulations & follow the guidance provided in this document

  • The Club will inform members of Club Day opening times and what procedures must be followed for those planning to play
  • A record of all member attendances will be maintained by the Club
  • A clear plan for the cleaning of equipment, before, during and after play will be made available to members and procedures implemented for this process.
  • Disinfectant spray and sanitising gel will be made available for use at the Club.
  • Bowl trolleys /collectors when used must be sanitised before, during and after each game.
  • Scoreboards will be stored away and will not be available for use in the meantime
  • Social distancing rules must be strictly adhered to. You must remain at least 1.5 metres apart from other bowlers at all times.
  • Face masks must be worn at all times except when playing on the green and when eating & drinking, whilst seated at one of the tables on the outside terrace.

Guidance for Players

  • Members who have Covid-19 symptoms or if anyone in their household is displaying similar flu-like symptoms, those players must stay at home.
  • No one who is shielding or self-isolating should visit the Club.
  • Those members in the high-risk / vulnerable group and that have health issues i.e. those aged over 70 with chronic medical conditions or compromised immune systems, they should remain at home for the time being.
  • Players should only play with members of their own household or with other club members where social distancing can be maintained.
  • To minimise the risk of infection, only essential items should be utilised during a session i.e. mats, bowls and jacks. If a scorecard is used this should be kept by only one person.
  • Players should dress appropriately before arrival at the Club to avoid the need to change clothes
  • Players must bring their own hand sanitiser and use this as and when required
  • Players must sanitise / disinfect any equipment, including bowls, jacks and mats, before and after play – do not assume the players before you have sanitised the equipment
  • Members should sanitise padlocks / keys, and door handles before and after use.
  • Players should follow the “Guidance for Bowling Activity” section set out below

Guidance for Bowling Activity

  • Playing formats available at this time are limited to singles, pairs & triples games, although individual practice may take place out with normal Club Day times
  • 1:1 coaching sessions may also take place, as long as social distancing rules are maintained at all times and the relevant guidance is followed.
  • A maximum of 6 players (1 Trips game) can play per rink at any one time and in accordance with the stated guidelines.
  • Players must use the disinfectant provided after each game to sanitise all mats & jacks (please make sure these are completely dry of disinfectant before being used on the green).
  • Whichever player collects the mats & jacks is responsible for ensuring this equipment is sanitised before and after the game.
  • The 1.5 metre social distancing rule must always be observed, on and off the green.
  • When changing ends, players should do so without stopping whilst maintaining the 1.5 metre distance at all times.
  • Other bowls equipment cannot be shared between players e.g. measures, chalk, cloths etc.
  • Players should try to avoid measuring for shots.
  • Players must not shake hands, hug or high-five other players on the green.
  • Players should always practice safe hygiene, including avoiding picking up or touching other players bowls or moistening hands with saliva before delivery.
  • When the game is finished, players must ensure that all equipment used (mats, jacks etc.) has been sanitised and safely and securely returned to storage.
  • Players should also remember to sanitise their hands before leaving the Club

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is the Club recommending members return to playing bowls?

There is absolutely no urgency or pressure for members to return to the green. It is for each individual member to decide when the time is right for them to return. Players should only play if they feel fit and healthy and are able to adhere to the guidance put in place by the Club.

Will I be able to attend Club Days?

Yes, as from Tuesday 16th June, bowling will return to the normal schedule. However, playing formats will be limited to singles,  pairs or triples games. Although Club Day bowling has resumed, these sessions are far from normal e.g. limited to a maximum of 30 players on the green, no scoreboards & 1. 5 metre min social distancing at all times with strict adherence to hygiene and sanitisation.

Can I just turn up and play at any time?

Apart from the normal Club Day arrangements, the green will be available for roll ups and individual practice. However, members must follow the guidelines provided by completing the attendance register (for potential contact tracing) and adhere to all safety / hygiene rules, including equipment disinfection and social distancing.

Are there any age or health restrictions?

Those members in the high risk / vulnerable group and who also have health issues (those with chronic medical conditions or compromised immune systems) they should remain at home. Members and anyone in their household  who have Covid-19 symptoms and / or anyone who is shielding or self-isolating, must not visit the Club.

Am I allowed to play against someone from outside my household?

Yes. Bowling with other members is allowed but restricted to singles, pairs & trips, as long as you are able to maintain social distancing and follow the stated guidance

Will the Clubhouse be open for drinks and snacks?

The Clubhouse outside terrace will be open on Club Days, with socially distanced tables and seating arrangements. Toilets will be open, with access for only one member at a time. Toilets must be kept clean & sanitised and products for this purpose will be available for members to use when finished using the facilities

How often should mats and jacks be cleaned?

Disinfectant spray will be made available by the Club for this purpose. Players must sanitise the mats and jacks before and after each game and / or before returning the equipment to storage.

How do players clean their hands prior to play if access to the Clubhouse is not available?

Players should bring their own hand sanitiser for use throughout their visit, particularly on days when the Clubhouse is closed.

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