3.2.1. League


  1. All games will be played under The Laws of the Sport of Bowls, Crystal Mark Third Edition unless varied below.

2All games to consist of 6 ends of Trips, 6 ends of Pairs finishing with 6 ends of Singles. The shot score will continue on to give a final shot total after the 18 ends.

3There will be 2 points awarded to the winners of each discipline or 1 point each for a draw.

4 The singles player must be named and entered on the score sheet before the start of the game.

5The game will be played as in normal league games with head visits and if the Jack goes out of play the end is replayed.

6   All games must follow the clubs Covid19 protocol and all equipment must be sanitized.

7Starting time throughout the competition will be 0930 for 10:00.


8     No shows, unable to field a full team or late arrival will result in the

opposition team being awarded two points and a score of 21-13. Match

fee of 12€ must be paid by the defaulting team.

9No Games can be rescheduled other than inclement weather

or a decision made by the controlling body.

10Each team of 3 must be mixed. Non mixed teams will incur a 25% shot

penalty and each player must play at least 2 games.

11        Starting time throughout the competition will be 9:30 for 10:00. start rinks will be drawn at 9:45

12       Dress Code for this competition will be White or coloured shirts. All  team members must wear the same colour/shirt.

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