LIONS 2019 - 2020



14/10/2019 JAGUARS HOME 8 – 2 2 – 0
31/10/2019 TIGERS Away 8 – 2 2 – 0
04/11/2019 BONALBA HOME 4 – 6 2 – 0
11/11/2019 EL CID Away 8 – 2 2 – 0
18/11/2019 CALPE Away 4 – 6 NO GAME
25/11/2019 JG OPAL HOME 3 – 7 2 – 0
02/12/2019 FINCA GUILA Away 6 – 4 0 – 2
09/12/2019 JG QUARTZ HOME 6 – 4 2 – 0
13/01/2020 JG ONYX Away
23/01/2020 JAGUARS Away
27/01/2020 TIGERS HOME
03/02/2020 BONALBA Away
13/02/2020 EL CID HOME
27/02/2020 JG OPAL Away 7-3 2-0
02/03/2020 FINCA GUILA HOME 9 – 1 2 – 0
09/03/2020 JG QUARTZ Away 10 – 0 2 – 0
19/03/2020 JG ONYX HOME

To all my Lions – it has, as always, been a pleasure to lead you this season. What a way to end, second in the Northern League and winners of the Challenger.  A pat on the back to all of you, with the pressure that we put on Bonalba, we were so close and will never know what the final outcome would have been.  Would they have stepped on a couple of  ‘banana skins’ away at El Cid and Javea Green Opals?

You all contributed, but a special thank you must go to Trevor, Janet and Richard, who were tasked with bringing home the Challenger Trophy and also to all the other players who stood in when needed.

My scoring rinks were ably skipped and I was pleased and rewarded how all those who were selected to play Leads and Second all gave 100% with good team play.  Special thanks must be awarded to my Vice Dudley, lots on his shoulders this year, what with Carol’s disability and his club duties.  He was always there to share a thought and give advice.  Hopefully we will see Carol back on the green in the not so distant future.

We fielded a few friendlies and it is good to know that we have some capable players waiting in the wings.  Special thanks to David Langridge who was always willing and along with Helen has stepped up whenever a reserve was needed.  It is the custom of the Lions to present a trophy ‘Pride of the Lions’, it is the Captains choice, and is given to the person who in his opinion is a team player.  Someone who just gets on with what is asked of her/him, playing or supporting the team.

There is one person who stands out, and cannot be faulted for her enthusiasm, who masked her disappointment when passed over for selection, but, she has always been a willing reserve and when selected gave her all, this person was Helen Ovenall.  I therefore would like her to except this trophy for the coming year as a thank you for being the “Pride of the Lions’.   Well done Helen and thank you.  Sadly I am unable to present the trophy at the present time, but, this will be rectified as soon as we, the Lions, can come together.

Thank you again for all your commitment and efforts over this last season.  Be sensible and keep healthy so we can all meet again next season and return the Title of Champions to the BBC.





Monday the 9th we were away to our old rivals Javea Green Quartz.skipped by Joe Schulein, the ‘elbows’ and greetings over and a hopeful repeat result of our last outing against Finca Guila.

As any football fan knows there are three phases in spectating your team (especially if you follow the Cherries – AFC Bournemouth)they are as follows:-

  1. Looks good
  2. Blimey!! We are 1 nil up
  3. Come on ‘ref’ for G……s sake blow the bl…….y whistle to finish the game

(20 minutes to go).

Watching our Lions yesterday was flash back time to the Vitality Stadium watching the Cherries.

  1. 6 ends a check across the boards showed Lions up on 3 rinks and only one shot down on the 4th.
  2. On the 12th end, up on all rinks at this point was something special in the offing?
  3. Where is the bl…….dy whistle.

On rink 1 Jeff, Noel and Maurice already 15 – 5 up sealed their victory by picking up 7 more shots on the last 6 ends to finish up 22 – 15 winners.


On rink2 had Jacquie, Barbara and Rod 13 – 12 up on 12, in a tighter game of give and take, and take they did, picking up 8 shots on the last 6 ends resulting in a 21 – 15 victory.


Rink 4 Dudley, Maria and Jinty being the trio who were down on the 6th end, but came back and on the 12th were 11 – 6 up winning 3 more ends of the last 6 saw them come out 16 – 10 winners.


On rink 5 were the Lionesses, Lynda, Yvonne and Linda 11 – 6 on the 12 then a 6 pick up on the 13 with a further 5 shots on the last 5 ends saw them finish 22 – 8 up.


The Challengers with yours truly, Richard and Helen (yours truly and Helen covering Trevor and Janet who were away for a sons wedding) were 11 – 10 up on 12 and ten shots on the last 6 ends gave them a 21 – 13 victory.


A fantastic mornings bowling and result, can we repeat it next week against the Onyx?


Bonalba picked an 8 – 2 in their game against Calpe putting them on 115 points against our 109, they having two games left (both away) and with us only 1 (which is at home).  One of the Bonalba games is the cancelled one against El Cid, which, has to be playing within 14 days making the dead line next Monday.  This is causing a headache for the League co-ordinator as dates cannot be found and if they are not the game is scrubbed with a 2 point deduction for both teams.


The challenger League has us now on 26 points against Bonalbas 22, they having 2 games left to our 1 and one of the games is the cancelled El Cid, enough said!!!!


Lions you continue to amaze me, do so for one last game, a genuine well done for a fantastic 10 nil.  Captain Dave Roberts


BBC LIONS V FINCA GUILA – 2nd March 2020

 Hum dumdum ditty dum,

Hum dumdum.

Oh the wind is lashing lustily and the trees are thrashing thrustily

And the leaves are rustling gustily, so it is rather safe to say,

That it seems that it may, turn out to be, feels like it will undoubtedly

It looks like a rather blustery day today.

Oh I know today is Windsday,

(compliments of Pooh Bear)

NO IT IS NOT IT IS A MONDAY and Lions were at home to FincaGuila ably Captained by Hayden Simkiss.  To say the conditions were testing were an understatement.  And what with pollen and dust etc., propelled by a very strong wind we were lucky to start let alone finish.  Bonalba at El Cid were called off due to similar conditions.

Wins for Dudley, Maria and Jinty, Jeff, Maurice and Noel and the Lionesses and Jacquie, Barbara and Rod achieved a draw which gave us a fantastic shot difference of +53 a valuable 9 points and the icing on the cake was a comprehensive win from the Challengers of Trevor, Janet and Richard winning 33 – 7.

Friendly was friendly David, David and Helen giving the opposition a 4 on the last end (rink 1 in a strong wind!!!!!!!!!!!!) thus losing 16 – 19.

Excellent result team, cannot ask for more, 2 games to go, let us see if we can do a repeat performance.

Captain Dave Roberts






The Lions were away to Javea Green Opals enthusiastically Captained by Brenda Burgess, with the weather conditions perfect.


Two wins and a draw gave us our first 7 – 3 points of the campaign, whilst our Challengers also delivered.


I myself was Skipping a friendly with Helen Ovenall and David Langridgea most enjoyable mornings bowling with a bonus of a win 22 – 16.  Well done to my team, the only downside was being on rink 2 and not being able to view the other games.  What I did see was another 6 – 4/4 – 6 approaching and not in our favour but we are Lions who do not roll over on their backs with our paws in the air when adversity strikes.


The Lions always dig in and fight back as was seen on Jacquie’s rink with Barbara Flynn and Rod Warnes.  7 – 17 down on the 13th end then a pick up of 12 shots over the last 5 ends saw them with a 19 all draw a well earned 1 point.  This was a good team effort with some great bowling from Jacquie – TERRIFIC.


The Lionesses were 0 – 6 down on the 3rd end, then they got their act together, winning 12 of the next 14 ends finishing with a score of 22 – 10.  BRILL.


Jeff, Noel and Morris clicked from the start and finished with an 18 – 7 comprehensive win.  I was next to this one on rink 2 and saw some good team bowling and some excellent skips woods from Jeff.  CRACKING.


Dudley and his team of Maria and Jinty were drawn on rink 7 and started well but not the easiest of rinks to bowl as we all know.  They dropped 6, which was the catalyst from which they could not recover especially against the Opals strongest rink of the day.  Grand effort keeping as tight they could.


Last but not least our Challengers team, Trevor, Janet and Richard who had a rollercoaster of a game, up and down they went.  13 – 16 on the 13th end saw them win the last 5 ends finishing up 22 – 16 winners. – AWSOME.


We are in 2nd place on shot difference, waiting, hopefully for Bonalba to stumble, three games to go, two of the games at home and one away.  The ball is in our court and we have not heard that certain lady sing yet.


Well done one and all – Captain Dave Roberts.


BBC LIONS V CALPE BC – HOME GAME 17th February 2020


To paraphrase from a song by Nat King Cole – “What a day this has been, what a rare mood I am in, well it’s almost like having ten points” (BOOM BOOM).

It was a misty Monday morning, which, brightened and turned into a sunny day with the occasional gust of strong wind.  Our guests were, Calpe Bowls Club Captained by Glenda Rowe.  Prior to this game Calpe were 5 points in front of us on 86 points, Bonalba 93 in first place.

I spoke to all you Lions prior to the game to deliver and you did in Spades.  Great wins from Jeff Richards, Maurice Flynn and Noel Ovenall, Jacquie Roberts, Barbara Flynn and Rod Warnes and Dudley Davies, Maria Moraweic and Jinty Chamberlain.  The Lionesses with Lynda Warnes, Yvonne Browne and Linda Richards being pipped on the penultimate end by 2 shots and losing 19 – 21.  Well done one and all.

How close were these games?  All our Lions scoring teams took 10 ends to the oppositions 8. Our Lionesses also did exactly the same winning 10 ends to Calpe’s 8.  What more can a Captain ask for when the friendlies Skipped by Richard Chamberlain with David Langridge and Helen Ovenall also achieved 9 ends all and lost by one shot 17 – 18.

I was speaking to Tigers Captain Malcolm Sprawson on Saturday and said do us a favour and turn over Bonalba, to which he replied, we can but try and try they must have as at the end of our game a quick call to BBC David Buttell at Bonalba informed me that they picked up 4 points making it 4 – 6.  Well done Tigers and BBC

Now the League Table will show Bonalba on 99 points, Lions on 89 points and Calpe on 88 points.  Four games left with three games against Javea and one game Finca Guila.  It is stillpossible and the one to watch for is Calpe going to Bonalba and what will be the outcome if Calpe performs like they did today?

Great effort Lions the ball is in our court and it is still possible.  Thank you.

Captain Dave Roberts



The Lions were away to Bonalba today, beautiful morning for bowling and a warm welcome from Rolli Bell and the rest of hill team.  We were anticipating a hard game and were not disappointed.

Jacquie’s arm gave up the ghost after six ends so our travelling reserve Helen Ovenall stepped into the breach and gave a good account of her self.  Yours truly moved up to skip.

Checking scores at 9 ends we were all up, looking for at least an 8 pointer, but those blasted chickens who had not hatched were there again and the final count was another 4 – 6.

 All rinks were close and the game went to the last wood played and it unfortunately did not go our way, loosing by two shots, with a final score of 64 -66.

Good effort from the Lionesses and Dudley’s team.  Good win to Jeff Richards, Maurice Flynn and Noel Ovenall.  Jacquie’s/Dave’s team with Helen Ovenall and Rod Warnes also achieved a hard earned 2 points.

Hard luck to the Challenger team of Trevor and Janet Neale and Richard Chamberlain, not your day today but you are still 1 point in front.

El Cid at home next, Thursday the 13th February, followed by Calpe at home on Monday the 17th February.  See you all soon, let us recharge our batteries and carry on fighting, the title is still there.

Captain Dave Roberts


BBC LIONS V BBC TIGERS  –  27th January 2020

Weather again perfect as we welcomed our Tiger’s into the “Lions Den’, which did not seem to phase them!!!  This produced a very competitive game of bowls played in a friendly atmosphere.

Teams had to be re-shuffled again this week due to the absence of some players as did the Tigers with two players dropping our on the morning of the game, thus cancelling the friendly game.

The rest of us contributed to yet another 6 – 4a win all the same.  Our last meeting with Tigers resulted in a 8 – 2 victory with the Challengers (same team) winning with a similar score of 19 – 10 (in October 19 – 11).  Well done you

Three, Trevor and Janet Neale and Richard Chamberlain, you had a great fight back after the 8thend, they were 6 – 4 down.

The teams Dudley Davies, Barbara Flynn and Jinty Chamberlain and also Jeff Richards, Noel Ovenall and Maurice Flynn, although they both lost, they kept their shot differences down in two very hard fought games.

The Lionesses, Lynda Warnes, Yvonne Browne and Linda Richards, had a comprehensive win with some excellent bowling which resulted in achieving a good shot difference.

The other triples games consisting of Jacquie Roberts, Rod Warnes and yours truly had a right battle on their hands but steady bowling saw us also achieve enough shots along with Lynda’s team to win the match for another 6 points.

Next game is on Monday the 3rd February away at Bonalba the League leaders.  We went down 4 – 6 when they played us at home so let us give it all we have got right until the final shot, we are still in the chase and have enough games left to retain the title.

Captain Dave Roberts


The Lions had an away game today to the Jaguars in conditions perfect for a good mornings bowling.  Our friendly was abandoned half way through the game due to an injury replacement being required for the Jaguars allowing the rest of us to become spectators.

First thoughts checking the score boards, we are in for an 8 – 2 win here, but, this is a bowls green where you do not have numerous chickens running around waiting to be counted!!!!!

The Lionesses, Linda Richards, Yvonne Browne and Lynda Warnes were back on form with a great win and along with trio Dudley Davies, Maria Moraweic and Jinty Chamberlain (the latter recovered well after loosing the lead on the 14th end) gave us our 4 points.

Our other two trips of Jeff Richards, Noel Ovenall and Fely Croft, and Jacquie Roberts, Barbara Flynn and Rod Warnes lost their leads at crucial times during the last third in the games and unfortunately could not recover enough to give us the shot advantage.

Our challenger of Trevor Neale, Janet Neale and Richard Chamberlain had another successful mornings bowling.  Taking the lead on the 4th end and not relinquishing it.  A deserved well done, and we are still at the top with a 3 point cushion.

4 – 6/6 – 4 is getting a bit repetitive with us this season. 10 games have been played and out of 6 of them, to date, we have had 3 wins and 3 losses all totalling these points.

Let us try that bit harder, NO, let us keep concentrating up to the final end and not step of the gas and think we can cruise home.  The plus side, our bowling overall is good and team spirit I believe is still there.

Tigers on Monday and then Bonalba away, where if it is another 6 – 4 let it be in our favour please.


A good effort well done all and too my friendlies Helen Ovenall and Rod Warnes, thank you for your understanding and giving up the game, just when we had their measure!!!!!

Captain Dave Roberts



Absence and illness resulted in team changes for our visit to Javea Green Onyx.  It was a cold crisp start with frost on rink 1 making it unplayable, so we left it out.

Jeff and Linda Richards with Noel Ovenall had a superb game and accrued enough shots to carry the whole game for the two extra points.  Many thanks.

Jacquie Roberts, Barbara Flynn and Rod Warnes, fought off a strong comeback from their opposition, with the aid of a six pick up on the 16 end earned us another two points.

Trevor and Janet Neale with Yvonne Browne seemed to have their game sown up but as with all games it is not over until the last woods are played.  Sadly that happened to our trio.  Bad luck team, as the game swung the oppositions way, but a good effort all the same.

Dudley Davies, Maria Moraweic and Annie Jones were on rink 7 with all its “foibles” and were struggling from the start against a very strong team and did not manage to gain a foothold.  I remarked, during the game, to Dudley “there is some irregularities on that rink Dudley”, he replied “Yes we are not doing very well”’ (implying that his team were the irregularities).  They kept their humour, which is the main thing.

To the winning rinks very well done to get a 6 – 4 result at Javea is good going.  To the losers, history, we all have that tee shirt in our lockers

Our Challengers on rink 5 were 4 all on 7 end then a pick up of a 5 on the 8th saw them take control of the game to the end.  Well done to Helen Ovenall and Maurice Flynn, who, with yours truly kept the record at 100%.

Many thanks to all of you for your efforts, a good win to the second part of the season.


Christmas did not come early neither did the Javea Green Quartz as we re-arranged the fixture for the afternoon due to the Javea Green Christmas Ball being held on the previous evening, shame there were no sore heads!!

A 6 – 4 point win for us keeps us in third place going into the Christmas break and our Challengers of Trevor Neale, Janet Neale and Richard Chamberlain winning their game with a three point lead and 100% record. Terrific.

Good win for Jacquie Roberts, Annie Jones and Fely Croft also Jeff Richards, Noel Ovenall and Linda Richards, between them picking up enough shots to earn the extra two points for the game.

Dudley Davies, Maria Moraweic and Jinty Chamberlain along with myself, Yvonne Browne and Petra Croft kept our results tight.

A score of six points was a fair result against our old rivals who always raise their game when playing us. The games are played with friendly competitiveness, what more can you ask. No lunch but seasonal refreshments were supplied after the game, Mulled Wine, Mince Pies and Stollen. Which were thoroughly enjoyed by one and all.

To you all “many thanks for all your support and efforts, have a great Christmas and a very Healthy New Year”. See you in January.

Captain Dave


What a day, 08.30 a.m meet with fellow bowlers at the club in a deluge of rain. A competitive game of bowls followed by an International Football match in the evening. We had the honour of playing the only Northern League game of the day and many thanks to Haydon Simkiss at Finca Guila for making the decision to go for it when everyone else was for crying off. Thanks also to David Browne for stepping up to the mark when asked by me to play, a good team player and an example to all.

They have moved the markers at Finca Guila making it five rinks, the greens therefore take a lot of getting used to. A definite home advantage, which, we soon nullified and at ten ends it looked like we would be picking up ten points. Alas not to be but a 6 – 4 win was welcome although the downside was our first Challenger loss.

On Rink 1 we had our Challengers this week, Skip Richard Chamberlain with David Browne and a first league game for David Landgridge. They put up a good show against an experienced team taking 10 ends but loosing out 12 – 17 at the finish, a grand effort.

On Rink 2 Jeff Richards Skip with Noel Ovenall and Rod Warnes. On 9 ends the lads were 9 -6 up, but a disastrous drop of 8 shots on the last 3 ends saw them go behind loosing 15 – 20.

On Rink 3 the Lionesses were in charge of the game from the start. 17 – 3 up on 9 ends, then with steady scoring coming out 32 – 5 winners. They made enough shots to carry the game, really well done.

On Rink 4 was skip Jacquie and yours truly with Fely Croft leading. We all had a very good game, 10 – 6 up on 9, some very tight heads only to be pipped at the end by 2 shots to come out with 16 – 18 final score.

On Rink 5 Dudley Davies Skipped with Trevor Neale and Jinty Chamberlain, Dudley’s 100% record is still intact after this one. On the 9th end 12 – 3 up then steady bowling saw them take 6 of the last 8 ends, finishing with a score of 27 – 9. This was a great performance from all, which keeps us in touch with the leading two Bonalba and Calpe.

Quartz at home next Monday an afternoon game, last one before the Christmas holiday.

The International I mentioned, at the beginning, was at La Nucia Sports Centre where they are holding a Youth International Football Tournament. Our late Terry Settford’s grandson Charlie was playing in goal for England and did a fantastic save to keep a clean sheet in a drawn game 0 – 0 against a Russian Youth Side. His distribution and dead ball kicking was superb, which, reflect on the training he gets from the Dutch side Ajax who’s book he is on alongside his younger brother Tommy. They are certainly a name to watch in years to come.

A by the by it was bucketing down with rain, surprise surprise!!

BBC LIONS V JAVEA GREEN OPALS – 25th November 2019

My regular readers, (whom I believe are growing less each week), cannot have failed to notice the response time on my game reports. When the Lions win the key board is fired up straight away, but the opposite when a defeat is taken, I would have you believe that the said scribe likes to assimilate the game, breaking it down and dissecting —–—- “what a load of toss”. Lets be honest who wants to glorify a good stuffing!!!!!

A 7 – 3 loss in the Lions den is hard to stomach, but praise must go to Brenda Burgess and the Opals who came and with steady bowling took away the points.

Rink 1 gave us one of the high points of the day. Another win by our undefeated Challengers, Skipped by Trevor Neale and ably supported by his wife Janet and Richard Chamberlain. 4 all on the 6th end, 11 – 10 up on the 12th, then a “mark time” for the next 5 ends allowing the Opals a 9 shot pick up leaving our trio 4 shots behind at 11 – 15. 5 shots on the next two ends for us saw them 16 all on the on 17th end. Great bowling again saw them pick up 2 shots giving them 2 points. A terrific game team and still undefeated.

Rink 2 had another all Ladies team skipped by Jacquie Roberts, Annie Jones and Barbara Flynn. They started well and on the 6th end were 4 – 3 up. But then for the next 8 ends the team struggled whereas the opposition continued to rack up the shots culminating in a loss of 7 – 16.

Next door on Rink 3 was Skip Dudley Davies with Maria Moraweic and Jinty Chamberlain. Another team with a 100% record, which, when I looked across on the 12th end look like they were about to lose it, from being 6 – 5 on the 6th end to being 12 – 16 on the 12th. But a pick up of 14 shots on the last 6 ends saw them come out 24 – 20 winners with a well earned 2 points.

Rink 4 had Skip Jeff Richards, Noel Ovenall and Rod Warnes a give and take this one against a very strong Opals side skipped by our own Trevor Evans. It stood at 6 ends all up to the 12 end with our trio leading 10 – 9. A dead end and a pick up of 3 shots on the 17th end saw them 16 – 14 up which could have gone either way but unfortunately not ours. A drop of 2 saw the final score of 16 all. A welcome point and a good try.

Rink 5 had our Lionesses Skip Lynda Warnes, Yvonne Browne and Linda Richards. The girls picked up 4 shots on the first end, which was cancelled out on the 2nd end by the Opals and from then on things went slightly awry. On the 6th end 5 – 9 and the 12th end 8 – 16. A fight back saw them gain 7 shots in in the next 6 ends, sadly it was not quite enough to win. The final score was 15 – 19. Good effort girls.

On rink 8 we fielded a friendly with your Scribe (first game since eye op and all okay) Helen Ovenall Leading and a first outing for David Langridge . A game he will look back at for years to come with pride. The score of 33 – 4 looks like a romp but I can assure you there were some very tight heads throughout and Angela Coomer, the Opals lead a “newbie” playing a very good game. A note here, in a report given by Brenda reference the friendly, my two “newbies” were classed as “experienced bowlers”, far from the truth, but praise in a way to them as the obviously left a very good impression on the opposition. Great Stuff.

Lessons to be learnt from this one, but all games were close shot wise and I am still very pleased and proud of you all.

PS: I am sure you will read this Brenda, did Peter Hill not notice your oversight in not giving the result of the friendlies in the match report?

Captain David Roberts

BBC LIONS V CALPE BC – 18th November 2019

We were away to Calpe today with bright conditions but cold wind. This is another game that I have taken a spectators view after my eye surgery and was not looking through rose tinted glasses. It all started fairly well, but I am well aware of how difficult this green plays especially Rink 1. There is such a thing as home advantage, believe me I know.

On rink 1 was our Challenger team of Skip Trevor Neale, Janet Neale and Richard Chamberlain. On any other rink they would have given a good account of themselves. The final score was 7 – 26. We will not dwell on the game as they were all very dejected, frustrated etc.., etc., we have all been there. That is History now.

Rink 2 had the Alpha Males Skip Jeff Richards, Noel Ovenall and Rod Warnes, taking control from the start. On the 6th end 8 – 0 up, 12th end 15 – 5 up and they finished 23 – 11 winners. This was a great result. Terrific.

Rink 3 had the Lionesses Skip Lynda Warnes, Yvonne Browne and Linda Richards. On the 6th end they were five all and I must congratulate Linda as lead against Anne Schotte – superb lead bowling from both these ladies. On the 12th end 9 – 11 down, only one more shot was gained and the game finished 10 – 16. Good effort girls some good bowling.

We then had the scenario once again of the last game being played requiring the shots to give us the two points needed. A repeat of El Cid as it was Skip Dudley Davies, Maria Moraweic and Jinty Chamberlain up against a canny Skip Bob McAllister, a Middleton Cup Player. Our trio were 17 – 8 up, the overall score was 57 – 61 in favour to Calpe. 4 shots required to draw and 5 to win. Final wood thrown and the tape measure out and no matter how hard they tried they could only pick up 3 shots. Congratulations on your win 20 – 8. A game well played.

At this present moment we are 4th in the table – as Costa Blanca Champions – they are all gunning for us. This is not a problem, we know what we are capable of and we will achieve it. A great many thanks to you all.

Captain David Roberts

BBC LIONS V EL CID – 11th November 2019

Last week we were away in the Land of the Cid with yours truly and my other half watching from the side-lines.

Rink 1 at El Cid will test the best but once mastered, as our trio of Alpha Males of skip Jeff Richards, Noel Ovenall and Rod Warnes, it certainly did prove rewarding. 3 – 11 down on 6, then a pick up of 6 started the fight back. On the 12th end they were 16 –13 up ending up with a win of 27 – 21. This was a good team effort, so, well done.

The Lionesses, skip Lynda Warnes, Yvonne Browne and Linda Richards were on rink 4 and they were straight out of the blocks. 10 – 1 up on the 6th end and 16 – 8 on the 12th, finishing up 24 – 12 winners and taking 12 of the 18 ends overall. Another great win ladies with 12 valuable shots in hand.

Feli Croft skipped on rink 5 with Barbara and Maurice Flynn who were drawn against a formidable El Cid trio. After taking the first three ends out trio dropped 7 shots in the next three, which, coincided with Maurice Flynn having to withdraw due to illness. Helen Ovenall our travelling reserve stepped in to take his place. Unfortunately the home side were too strong for our ladies who put up a good fight but ended up with a loss of 9 – 27 down.

On rink 6 was Lions skip Dudley Davies, Maria Moraweic and Jinty Chamberlain who were having a ding-dong battle, they were 4 – 6 down on the 6th end, then on the 12 end we were 13 – 9 up and going into the 18th end the score was 15 all. They were the last game being played and frantic maths were being calculated and messages being passed to Dudley and team that the total score overall was 60 all. We needed 1 shot to take the 2 points for the game, and they delivered the two shots. Fantastic. ‘What No Pressure!!!!!!’ Brilliant.

Our Challengers – who have not lost a game, were on Rink 3. Skip Trevor Neale, Janet Neale and Richard Chamberlain. This was another give and take game for the first few ends. 7 – 5 up on the 6th end, on the 12th end 14 – 7 up. A fight back by the Cid could not pull them back and they finished up 18 – 13 winners. Well done, a great result.

This was a great performance from you all thank you.

Captain Dave Roberts

BBC LIONS V BONALBA BC – 4th November 2019

I carry on from my last report, Bonalba know our greens!!!!

Rolli and his players were up for this one, which gave us an entertaining mornings bowling in near perfect conditions (first week in November)!!

Teams had to be rearranged this week and skip Jacquie Roberts and myself welcomed Petra Croft into the fold where she gave a good account of herself. 11 – 9 down on the 9th end, to go 17 all on the 16th end. The last two close ends saw us pick up a single on the last two ends finishing with a very well earned score of 19 – 17. Brill.

The Lionesses held their own at the start and on the 8th end were 7 all. On the 15th end they were 12 – 13 down. They were unable to pull back, (not for the lack of trying), and finished 12 – 19.

Another change to the norm was Dudley Davies’s Rink bringing in Richard Chamberlain to replace Maria and Jinty Chamberlain leading. The 9th end saw them 10 – 5 up, the 15th end 14 – 8 and in complete control finished the game with a score of 21 – 10. This is very bankable and most welcome.

Our Apha Males as I said in my speech after the game, “today you walked with us mortals”. They have an outstanding record and have made great contributions to the Lions with their winning ways over the past seasons, especially last year when they never dropped a game. So it was out of character today when they finished the game with a deficit of 11 – 32. Praise to skip Dennis Wright with wife Chris and Paul Mayne. But Bonalba be warned, they are like elephants (they do not forget) and will be after you for this one.

Our Challengers continued their winning ways with Skip Trevor and Janet Neale and I bought in Helen Ovenall to lead for this game. They shot away at the start and were 13 – 0 up on the 6th end. On the 12th end the score was 14 – 6 and then they picked up a further 8 shots on the last 6 ends to arrive with a score at the end of the game 22 – 14. Really great stuff, and very well done.

We were invited to supply a friendly for today and it tied in nicely with my plans to make an extra triples team. Barbara and Maurice Flynn had the experienced Feli Croft as their skip, against a very strong Bonalba team skipped by Peter Matthews. The team were 5 all on the 6th end, 14 – 8 on the 12th end. Then it was Lions all the way with a bonus of picking up a score of 7 on the 18th end. They came out 26 – 9 winners a truly superb result, well done all of you.

We are away at El Cid next Monday 11th November, still working on selection for this one. Will let you all know.

Captain Dave Roberts


Apologies for the delay in this report but the scribe was otherwise engaged in competitions and domestic duties (urgghh!!!!).

Cracking result against our club rivals the Tigers. Only one losing rink – us- but only by one shot, sorry.

Our Challengers fought back from being 6 all on the 9th end, and finished up 19 – 11 winners. Very well done to skip Trevor Neale and Janet and Richard Chamberlain.

Welcome back to Yvonne, one of our lady lionesses who bowls with Lynda Warnes Skip and Linda Richards as a lead. This was a give and take game, 5 all on 7th end and 14 all on the 17th end, the girls then picked up 2 shots on the last end. Very well done ladies a brilliant result.

Our Alpha males team consisting of Jeff Richards skip, Noel Ovenall, number two, and Rod Warnes leading. The team shot out of the blocks never relinquishing the lead and finished up 21 – 9 winners. This was awesome, another great result.

Skip Jacquie Roberts, along with yours truly, welcomed Barbara Flynn aboard and she did not fail to impress on a green, which, like most of them, need a great deal of concentration to play on. This was another give and take game, culminating at 11 all on the 17th end. The Lions were holding two when skip Bob Cockell drew the shot with his last wood. This was a great effort team.

This leaves only Dudley Davies with Maria Moraweic two and Jinty Chamberlain leading. They completely controlled the game from the off, coming out 31 – 4 winners. This was a terrific result, which, along with the other Lions gave us a big bonus to our shot difference.

We face a very competitive Bonalba side at home on Monday. They all know exactly how our green bowls so a repeat performance would be much appreciated. Well done everyone.

Captain Dave Roberts

BBC LIONS v BBC JAGUARS – 14th October 2019

First game of the new season and it was home to our BBC Jaguars who gave us a very competitive mornings bowling.

Rink 1 had Jacquie Roberts skipping, Annie Jones and a call up for Helen Ovenall. Chasing from the start but taking nine ends each our girls tried to keep it close but ended 12 – 27 down. A good effort.

On Rink 2 Dudley Davies skip, with Jinty Chamberlain leading and Maria Moraweic playing two, a slow start but on the ninth end started pulling back levelling at 18 all on the 17th end. As this was the last game playing we were all treated to an exciting finish with our Lions picking up the 1 shot needed for a valuable 2 points finishing 19 – 18, brilliant.

Rink 3 our alpha males Jeff Richards, skipping, Noel Ovenall two and Rod Warnes leading continuing where they left off last season with a comprehensive 28 – 11 win and another 2 valuable points.

Rink 8 had Lynda Warnes and Linda Richards welcoming Barbara Flynn into the fold, (Yvonne Browne their usual two was sadly in UK after a family bereavement). Barbara helped them to a 22 – 15 win, another 2 points, well done ladies.

Our Challengers on Rink 4 were Trevor and Janet Neale with Richard Chamberlain who had a slow start, they took a few ends to level up and establish a lead 15th when they were 14 – 11. This continued to the end and they finished up 19 – 11 winners. Very well done.

I myself participated in a friendly with Christine and Ron Vodden on Rink 6. This was another really good game, which finished with each team winning nine ends. Unfortunately the shot difference ended with a score of 14 – 19 to the Jags. This was a good learning curve for Chris and Ron who said that they thoroughly enjoyed their first outing.

Thank you all for all your efforts. I was rather concerned at the start of the match, as things did not seem to be favouring us, but, you pulled out all the stops for me and I am so grateful. Away to the Tigers next, let us keep up the good work.

Captain Dave Roberts

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