To all my Lions – it has, as always, been a pleasure to lead you this season. What a way to end, second in the Northern League and winners of the Challenger.  A pat on the back to all of you, with the pressure that we put on Bonalba, we were so close and will never know what the final outcome would have been.  Would they have stepped on a couple of  ‘banana skins’ away at El Cid and Javea Green Opals?

You all contributed, but a special thank you must go to Trevor, Janet and Richard, who were tasked with bringing home the Challenger Trophy and also to all the other players who stood in when needed.

My scoring rinks were ably skipped and I was pleased and rewarded how all those who were selected to play Leads and Second all gave 100% with good team play.  Special thanks must be awarded to my Vice Dudley, lots on his shoulders this year, what with Carol’s disability and his club duties.  He was always there to share a thought and give advice.  Hopefully we will see Carol back on the green in the not so distant future.

We fielded a few friendlies and it is good to know that we have some capable players waiting in the wings.  Special thanks to David Langridge who was always willing and along with Helen has stepped up whenever a reserve was needed.  It is the custom of the Lions to present a trophy ‘Pride of the Lions’, it is the Captains choice, and is given to the person who in his opinion is a team player.  Someone who just gets on with what is asked of her/him, playing or supporting the team.

There is one person who stands out, and cannot be faulted for her enthusiasm, who masked her disappointment when passed over for selection, but, she has always been a willing reserve and when selected gave her all, this person was Helen Ovenall.  I therefore would like her to except this trophy for the coming year as a thank you for being the “Pride of the Lions’.   Well done Helen and thank you.  Sadly I am unable to present the trophy at the present time, but, this will be rectified as soon as we, the Lions, can come together.

Thank you again for all your commitment and efforts over this last season.  Be sensible and keep healthy so we can all meet again next season and return the Title of Champions to the BBC.


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