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Sawbridgeworth BC Visit 10 Oct 2022

The forecast was rain but the visitors coach arrived in sunshine which stayed throughout their stay. Sawbridgeworth BC arrived with 23 players and 6 guests, and BBC provided the extra player for their team. After photographs, Dave Bouttell welcomed the visiting players from Hertfordshire and both teams exchanged personalised club pens before play started.

The autumn sun cast shadows at one end, and heavy overnight dew on the rinks helped the visitors find their line; once they had worked out delivery weight the game developed with some interesting ends from both teams.
Benitachell had the home advantage and won on all six rinks, but the game was played in good spirits with friendly banter between the teams.

Afterwards, everyone enjoyed the leek and potato soup and a variety of sandwiches prepared by Petra and club members and I’m pleased to say that although our visitors didn’t enjoy success on the green they did at least win the raffle!
Both team captains thanked their own teams and congratulated their oppponenets for an enjoyable game.

This match was the last that Sawbridgeworth BC would play in Spain before returning to UK and we hope they take home happy memories.

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