Winter league report 11th December – BBC AWAY TO San Miguel

We all set off on our spacious coach to play our last game of 2019 in good spirits and arrived
at SAN Miguel on time. It’s never easy getting points there but we were going to give it our
best shot.

On rink 1 Brian Doggets team started well enough but then became becalmed on 3 and
were 3-12 down at halfway.They fought back and were just 13- 18 after 16 ends. It looked
like there was to be an exciting finish but they lost the last two ends to come second 13-21.
Just remember to give them a really hard time when the play on our green.

On rink 3 Mary’s team were involved in a hard battle and were 8-8 after ten ends. Then the
opposition came back at them and it was 9-14 after 15 ends. But we fought back to be one
shot ahead after 17. In a totally absorbing last end SAN Miguel scored a shot with a wood
touching the jack. 15-15 draw. A point well earned.

On rink 4 Bob Cockell’s team had a slow start and got to 4-11 at halfway. They then won
four of the last nine ends and could not make up the leeway by the end. They did keep close
at 11-17 so well done.

On rink 5 Jeff Richards made a welcome return to our side and with the very able help of
Derek Mawson, Lynn Avey and Joyce Pope romped away to a good lead of 15-2 at halfway
and never eased off the gas until the 18th end. A great 26-9 victory and two points for

On rink 6 the Captains team struggled against the captain of SAN Miguel, Fred Willshire. As
end rinks often are it was difficult to read and also they now have converted to 6 rinks
instead of 7. It was 2-14 before any of us started to find the line and length. A small rally
took place and we won 5 of the last 8 ends. At the end it was 9-22 so not a disaster in the
history of games at SAN Miguel.

The last game to finish was the Berleen on rink 2. Alan Guests team played wonderfully and
were 11-7 up at halfway. But the opposition came back at them and it was 15-15 after
sixteen ends. In a tense finish they scored 2 on the penultimate end and dropped only 1 on
the last end to pull off a good win 17-16 and we all applauded!

The game could have been easier if we had not changed to red stickers because SAN Miguel
have red also! The old blue ones were much more recognisable.

So we managed 3 points to their 9 but last time we played them we lost 0-12, so this was a
very good result. Roll on 2020.

Have a very happy Christmas and a prosperous new year.

Next game is January 8th at El CID and another on January 9th at home because it has been
rearranged due to rain . Keep on smiling.

Clive Langan

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