Almoner News 31 Jan 24

Peter Bambridge 31 Jan 24

I had a lovely conversation with Peter yesterday morning, following his recent heart surgery.
He sounded cheerful and looking forward to returning to the Bowls Club – but only when the weather gets a bit warmer!!
Good wishes to Peter from us all at BBC for a speedy and healthy recovery


Petra Croft 21 Jan 24

No doubt many of you are already aware that Petra is unwell, and catering facilities at the club have been suspended for the time being until she has recovered.

After attending Teulada out of hours clinic on Tuesday afternoon on 16th Jan 24 Petra was examined by the duty Doctor and subsequently admitted, by ambulance, into Denia Hospital Emergencias department.
She was eventually transferred from Emergencias onto a ward and medication was prescribed for a severe chest infection and breathing difficulties.
Petra was discharged home on the morning of Saturday 20th Jan 24, and having spoken with Petra today I’m glad to say she is making a steady, gradual recovery.

We wish her well from us all at BBC.


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