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Club Championships Guidelines
All Games will be played on set dates. Playing on Tuesday and Friday afternoons after club days, we may
also use the odd Sunday afternoon if needed.
Any games cancelled by controlling body for flooded greens or rain affected games will be replayed on the
following Sunday after club days. All games must be played on the set day and if it is not possible to play
on that day because of serious illness or medical appointment you may play before the set date but not
after, and by authorization of the controlling body.
In all single matches the challenger (top name of the pairing) is responsible for arranging a marker. The
semi-final and final will be selected by the controlling body.
All score cards must be checked by both sides and signed. If no official is present place all score cards in the
post box on the bowls office wall.
When a replacement player is required during the competition i.e. after the first game has been played,
the replacement must be obtained by the team requiring the replacement, with a player who has not
previously participated in the same discipline. This process must be authorized by the Controlling Body
(Cross Ref. Rule 12).
It is the responsibility of the ‘challenger’, in all singles disciplines, to arrange an appropriate ‘Marker’.
Spouses may undertake the role of Marker with the agreement of the opponent.
When making arrangements to play a Semi-final game, the ‘challenger’ must liaise with the Club’s CBUMA
representative in order that a qualified Marker may be made available for the agreed date.
Playing Twice on the Same Day
Practice or “roll-ups” on the green, including participation in Club Day, is not permitted on the day of any
Club Championship or Club Competition match, prior to that match.
However, play in other matches, such as a recognised league or competition is permitted in line with Bowls
Spain Domestic Regulations 2015 –
[3.4 Players can be allowed to play on the same rink on the same day providing they are playing in a
separate competition (NB: must be an officially sanctioned separate competition, club match or higher)].
Date Extensions
Extensions to fixed “play on” dates is at the sole discretion of the Controlling Body and will only be granted
in exceptional and extenuating circumstances, such as serious illness and/or associated medical conditions.
Extension requests will not be granted to facilitate extended holiday periods. Any player/team unable to
play their game on or before the respective fixed “play on” date MUST concede the game to their
opponent. (Cross Ref. Rule 10)
This discipline is open to all Members who have never won a Club Championship discipline at ANY Bowls

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