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Why not try our free introductory sessions, a structured Beginners Course at the Benitachell Bowls Club. It is carried out by well qualified and experienced personnel with the theme of friendliness and encouragement. Once you have joined the club you can, when you feel ready, receive additional ongoing development as as “improver” from our club coach.

Please note that the video below refers to “Rules of Bowls” and gives a brief idea of how the different varieties of bowls are played. In Lawn bowls we comply with a set of laws called “The Laws of the Sport of Bowls”  produced by World Bowls.

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In a Nutshell

(a very brief outline)
The object of the game is to score more points than your opponent by rolling a ‘wood’ or bowl, closest to the target,
a small white or yellow ball called a jack.

The bowl (or “wood”) is machined to a different profile on each side to produce the bias which causes it to curve slightly as it rolls towards the jack.

The game is played with one to four players in a team.
Play starts at one end by placing a rubber mat on the centre line and casting the jack towards the other end whilst standing on the mat.
Each team bowls one ‘wood’ at a time whilst standing on the mat, taking turns, until all ‘woods’ have been played.

Points are awarded for each bowl closer to the jack than an opponents bowl.

If you are keen to try out a new activity, or have played bowls before at whatever level, we are always looking for new members both men and ladies. Come along, have a coffee or a drink and look around and enjoy our excellent facilities in a friendly atmosphere with a friendly group of like-minded people. We also have a range of social as well as bowling activities and new members at all levels of ability are always welcome.

We can then arrange a quick tour of the Club and give you more information about our activities and what is available, whether you are a novice or an experienced bowler.
Especially for novice bowlers we offer free introductory sessions before you join.

There are many good reasons to bowl at BBC

  • Private Club, run by its members
  • Friendly atmosphere
  • Good facilities
  • Social activities
  • Health benefits of open air sport
  • A social pastime on our club mornings
  • A competitive sport when playing in our league system

Resident in Spain?
Try our  3 month Trial Membership at a cost of 120€ (for new members only) plus free introductory sessions for novices.

Not Resident in Spain? But you enjoy up to six months of regular visits, (and who would not want to with the warm sunny winter and spring weather); Don’t let Brexit stop your enjoyment of bowling now and in the future.
Click HERE to find out how our special variable membership rates can allow you to continue enjoying bowling on the Costa Blanca whilst keeping to the new regulations

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We are situated in Camino de la Torreta, just outside the village of Benitachell with panoramic views of the “Montgo”.
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