Membership Fees for 2023 onwards

Our Membership year now runs from 1st April to 31st March the following year

  1. Annual Member (Bowler) – €360.00

This is the annual membership fee for residents of Spain and it allows you to bowl and enjoy all the social activities at the club. Your membership also includes a ‘Federation fee’ which allows you to play in open competitions at other clubs in the region.
After a minimum six months of annual bowling membership you are eligible buy a Title/Share in the Club if any are available; this allows you a voice in how the club is managed, and also entitles you to a reduced annual fee. There are a limited number of shares available, which are bought and sold between individual members subject to Club approval. As a  ‘New’ member, at any time during the first 6 months you can decide that bowling is not for you and get a pro-rata return of the annual fee.

  1. Trial Membership (3 months) – €120.00

This is for residents with no previous bowling experience who will be given free introductory sessions before joining. Trial membership lasts for 3 consecutive months and it allows you to enjoy all the activities at the club. After this you would be expected to either pay the remainder of the annual membership fee or discontinue membership. Only one trial membership will be allowed per person.

  1. Temporary Variable Member (Bowler) – €190.00 to €240.00

This is for non-residents, and free introductory sessions are available for people with no previous bowling experience.
This type of membership is ideal for people who come to Spain for several visits during the year. The period does not have to be in consecutive months but can be spread over the year from the date you join.
Your membership allows you to bowl and enjoy the social activities at the club and also includes a ‘Federation fee’ which allows you to play in open competitions at this and other clubs in the region. The fees are:

3 months €190.00
4 months €200.00
5 months €220.00
6 months €240.00.

  1. Social Members – €25.00

For residents or non-residents who would not normally bowl; this allows you to enjoy the club facilities and attend any social events.

  1. Pay as you go bowlers – €10.00

For visitors to Spain, or Spanish residents – who don´t want to become a member of the Club. You are required to be accompanied by a club member and the fee should be paid before bowling begins. You cannot enter competitions and you will not be ‘Federated’

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