Defibrillator and Oxygen Resuscitation Kit

The storage cabinet for the defibrillator is located in the library on the wall to the right of the entrance.
We hope that the defibrillator will never need to be used, but if it does then we want to ensure that, as far as possible, the defibrillator is not used on a person who does not wish it to be used on them. So should you NOT wish the defibrillator to be used on your person in an emergency (for example, for medical, ethical, religious or personal reasons) then please inform the Club Secretary by email so that a record of this information can be recorded and displayed on the storage cabinet of the equipment. With these exceptions the defibrillator will be used if needed.

Defibrillator Demonstration Video

With the club’s defibrillator now installed in a green cabinet in the library, club members are advised to familiarise themselves with how to use this vital life saving equipment in an emergency.

So please spare 5 minutes of your time to play the  following video. Please note the SAM 500P model is what we have at BBC although the colour of BBC´s defibrillator is orange. It is the same model as shown in the video.

It will certainly place your mind at rest as to just how easy it is to use this equipment and ultimately save a life! Just pull open the cabinet and take the defibrillator to where it is needed!

You can also read the User Manual HERE  (opens in a new tab)

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