Despite a strong performance at home and a gutsy performance away we were beaten by a stronger more experienced team

At home the BBC pairs  came through with a good convincing win and were only behind for one end early on in the game. Similarly, the BBC triples had a win although not so convincing after being behind for a couple of ends early on. Country Bowls came back late in the game winning the last four ends but were restricted to low scores. In the fours the BBC team were never behind but went into end 17 only 17 – 16 up. Winning the last two ends saw them come through for the win. In the singles it was a very close game, BBC were 19 – 18 up but lost three shots on one end to see the game lost. Throughout the afternoon the wind was strong with quite a few gusts, it didn’t seem to deter the Country Bowls triples skip who managed his firing shots with great accuracy. Country Bowls enjoyed their lunch and complemented BBC on the facilities  and picturesque setting.  

Away from home Country Bowls started very strongly on a very slick rink. In the singles it was nip and tuck up until the 18th end after which CB won the next 6 ends. The pairs came up against a very consistent lead so were under pressure right from the start. The trips managed to recover a big deficit and were within a shot before a strong finish saw the CB team home. The rinks looked to be our best hope of away points until the last 3 ends went against us giving CB a narrow victory.

Final result 10-6 in favour of Country Bowls


Richard Saunders


Ernie Pope

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