The competition will commence on Monday 5th September at 09:45. The club house will be open for refreshment and the bowls office will be open to accept registration and payment from 09:15.

The playing schedule for all 4 days is posted in the cabin as well as here.
On the first day if your team has been selected to play in the first session, then please arrive early and be ready to play promptly at 09:45 at the north (score board) end of the green.
If playing in the second session, please arrive early to register and pay, and be ready to play promptly at 11:15 at the south end of the green. At the start of both sessions 1 & 2, players will be formally welcomed and competition rules made clear.

Don’t forget – the TEAM of the losing singles player in each session will provide a marker (or if they wish, a marker at each end of the rink) for the next session.

Please note – To allow players from other clubs to practice before the event, we are opening the green all afternoon on Sunday 4th September on completion of Club Day. The club house will remain open until 3pm for refreshments.

On Monday 5th, for one day only, Neale Pocock will be setting up a Bowls Wear stall. He has asked that if anyone is looking for specific items, please can they let him know early so he can get a delivery beforehand?
Contact Neale at – [email protected]

The team lists, competition rules and playing schedule can be found on the Tabs above. Please pass on this information to any of your team members without internet access.

We hope that you will enjoy this four day bowling event. I look forward to meeting up with you all again.

If you have any queries please phone or email me.

John Ranger

Competition Secretary

Email: [email protected]

Mobile: 639 053 809


Overall Winners – Mavericks

Overall Runners Up -Green Machine

Singles Winner – Geoff Richards (Mavericks)

Singles Runner Up – Mary Cockell (Great Expectations)

Pairs Winners – Green Machine

Pairs Runners Up – Mavericks


Trips Winners – 5 Star

Trips Runners Up – Los Rebeldes

Rinks winners – Santos

Rinks Runners Up – Mavericks

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